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Ukrainian Students' Association in Ottawa

The Ukrainian Students Association aims to provide a social space for students of Ukrainian origin as well as any students interested in Ukrainian culture. Members will develop local and inter-city connections during frequent events. These events include regular social nights, as well as inter-university Ukrainian Student Association sports events. Our club is also a part of the Carleton University Students' Association (CUSA).

Because the Ukrainian community in Ottawa is not that large, and the two universities are not far from each other, the Ukrainian Students' Associations at Carleton University and at the Univeristy of Ottawa tend to hold combined social events so that students from both clubs can meet and socialize.

There is an old and outdated website that you can check out which has some pictures and other fun stuff from years before at

We have our regular informal social nights on Thursdays from 9:30pm until 11pm or so (depending on how we feel). The location can vary, so if you are interested in coming out and meeting us, email: